Leadership Europe

Henley Business School and the European Training Institute join forces
to develop a range of European services


Leadership in the European Public Affairs Realm

The programme’s purpose is to build leadership capacity of European Public Affairs Professionals who’s work is influenced and affected by, or who would like to learn more about, EU decision-making processes. It is strengthening participants’ purposeful engagement with the European Institutions, civil society, legislators as well as within participants’ own organisations, both public and private. This external / internal dimension offers a unique learning perspective at the networks of influence at play. It furthermore challenges participants to expand their repertoire of leading people, projects, and discussions to strengthen personal effectiveness and instill a sense of continued self-development. Participants will leave the programme with a deepened skillset, practice and understanding of managing the various power and energy relationship when engaging with a diverse group of internal and external stakeholders, be they individuals or organisations.



May – June 2022


Brussels + self-study


1.995 € (+VAT)