ONLINE WORKSHOP – Dealing with the EU Green Deal​


25 February, 09:00 – 12:00 AM CEST




250 € (+VAT)

*Includes 2,5 hours online course and a copy of the Comitology Newsletter special edition


Dealing with the EU Green Deal – A workshop that gets you equipped for advocacy, inspired on the Comitology newsletter special edition

The term ‘Green Deal’ covers new initiatives such as the EU Climate Law, yet another 20 legislative acts are expected to be revised and another 200 to 250 delegated and implementing acts will shape the policy on an operational level, impacting all EU economic sectors from energy and material producing organisations over key economic sectors such as the automotive, chemical and construction sector to agriculture and the food processing sector.

Effective engagement requires an adequate understanding of which decisions can be expected but more importantly how, when and by whom they will be adopted and in the context of which financial framework. How the COVID crisis will impact the EU Green Deal is a supplementary question we cannot set aside.

This 2,5 hours online workshop will provide you with the key building blocks to succesful understand the challenges ahead and to advocate your interests in the context of the EU Green Deal.


  • EU Green Deal: what’s on the menu and what’s the planning in COVID times
  • Financial framework for the EU Green Deal: MFF, Just Transition Fund, European Green Deal Investment Plan, European Stability mechanism,…
  • Who drives the process and who issues the legislative framework: actors, procedures, governance
  • Legislation vs secondary legislation: a 10-fold of delegated and implementing acts that require upstream advocacy
    → Case studies: EU Climate Law and taxonomy regulation
  • Better regulation and the EU Green Deal: getting involved in impact assessments, consultations and expert groups
  • Building blocks for a successful advocacy and communication strategy for the EU Green Deal