The decision-making processes of the EU have undergone significant changes in the past couple of years. Many stakeholders find it very difficult to integrate these changes strategically and operationally.

Vicky Marissen’s legal background and long-standing experience in European Public Affairs make her the expert capable of assisting
companies, trade associations and organisations active in highly
regulated sectors such as food, pharmaceuticals and health, helping them close the procedural gap and regain impact on the EU decisionmaking process.

Besides providing legal and procedural input on files and assistance in developing and deploying engagement strategies, Vicky provides support in communicating often technical arguments in an understandable form to different target audiences (public, private, media, etc.).

Almost since the beginning of her career, Vicky has combined her consultancy work, initially at CLAN Public Affairs and afterwards at PACT European Affairs, with training and coaching at the European Training Institute (EIT). Both activities – training and consulting – reinforce each other, making client-consultant relations prosper even more.

Since 2015, Vicky is Visiting Professor at the College of Europe in Bruges and Natolin, where she teaches the course on Delegated and Implementing acts. She is also co-author of several books and manuals on EU decision-making, i.e. The New Practical Guide to the EU Labyrinth, the Handbook on EU Secondary Legislation and EU Financial Services: the ins and outs of the Decision-making Process.

Vicky graduated from the Law Faculty of the University of Antwerp and holds a Master degree in European Law from the Institut d’Etudes Européennes (ULB). She operates in English, French and Dutch.